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You can join in on the action in two ways. Either use the JAVAchat applet directly below or scroll down to read the IRC instructions.

  • Follow our instructions below and do things the IRC way...
  • 1) Download the appropriate IRC client for your system (see below).

    2) Connect to the server: (ports 6667 6668 6669 7000).

    3) Join the chat room: #Ground_Zero

    4) HAVE FUN!

    NOTE: We do not advocate censorship, but profanity used for the sole purpose of harrassment or disruption is not an issue of free speech. It is simply rude and abusive behaviour. Please be considerate, and enjoy your visit to the Eskimo Joe chat room.

    Windows 3.1

    Windows 95, 98, NT


    Linux - the choice of a GNU Generation!