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Military Strongmen

Eskimo Joe stop laughing just long enough to sign on the dotted line

The Perth band Eskimo Joe arrived in the West bathed in limelight late last year thanks to their novelty-ish ditty "Sweater" which became a Triple J anthem.
"At the end of our last tour a bit of an A&R war broke out," says drummer Joel Quartermain.
"Dino Music shook hands with us and palmed us off some Christmas albums," quips guitarist/singer Kav Temperley. "They sent Kamahl to Perth to sign us."
Temperley is ofcourse joking, (as Eskimo Joe have a tendency to do quite often). In reality after self-financing their second, self-titled EP they fielded offers from various record companies and ended up with EMI subsidiary Modular.
"When we had a meeting with EMI," remembers Quartermain, "they gave us each a John Lennon box set and all the anthologies, and the new Blur CD and..."
Temperley cuts in: "We were trying to be so 'Oh, this isn't swaying our decision and it doesn't effect us at all' but when we got out of the meeting it was like..." His band mates assume a straight-faced poise which will soon be broken as he affects an Cartman voice and squeals, "Sweeeet!"

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