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Band News

Something HUGE is about to go down... A totally new site is about to be put up. But not just any site, THE site. Eskimo Joe's technology department has extended to new and better things, with a new recruit on the team. The launch will coincide with the new single release and there will be giveaways, online chats and more! Stay tuned for more news...
EJ have nearly finished there new video clip for the single 'Wake Up. Some of the shots were actually filmed at Kav's house. A lot of friends are in the clip and some are diguised ie Luke from Sleepy Jackson and Jim Scott their tour/sound engineer... Watch out for them!
The Joes are going international! They've recently been invited to play at Youth Week in DENMARK!
Congrats to the band who have been asked to be youth ambassadores for Australia in 2001.
The Eskimo's are currently filming a video clip for the new single 'Wake-up' which is to go to radio at the end February and instore early March.
The album is now scheduled for release in June.

FINALLY a date has been set for the release of the first single off the new album. AND, it's NOT "Polo". It's actually a song called "Wake Up". The single includes a song called "Hey Now" which will not be released on the album. Promo copies of this single can be obtained on cassette at the BDO. All you have to do is watch out for the Modular representative handing them out. Just look around the stages that have Modular artists playing at them (eg. Avalanches).
Unfortunately, the "Nutty Professor"(aka. Eskimo Stu) was wrong again... The single is not being released in January at all, instead it is going to radio in February.
There's a new page up on the Triple J site with archived pictures of Eskimo Joe's Live@The Wireless show in August last year. Just go here.
"Turn Up Your Stereo" is available on JJJ's Hottest 100 volume 7.
Congrats to Eskimo Joe for being voted as the "Best Upcoming Australian Artist" in Juice Magazine!
New addy!!!
Our little Aussie Eskimo's are going international!! Not only has there been rumours of a UK tour at the end of the year-beginning 2001, BUT, they're poppy little tune that we all remember and love named "Sweater" has been heard on US radio!


Site News

Friday 1st December 2000
* New site!