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Eskimo Joe gig, Sunday September 12th, 1999.

The day was young, the sun was rising, but there was no time to spare! Today Eskimo Joe were coming to town! Phone calls had to be made, outfits had to be chosen, arrangements had to be finalised, so much had be done!!
I made the potentially fatal call to their manager and the task was set, the boys were to ring me and we were to organise a place to meet! *Phew* The hardest of the day was over.
The rest of the day was spent organizing the night to come and getting ready. My outfit was chosen and my makeup was done and I was finally set.
We picked up a friend along the way and we went into town and had a coffee, awaiting the momentous call from the wondrous little Eskimo's.
The wait was long and the pressure was hard to take. Finally we left after boring our socks off and headed to the bank to get some emergency money for the night. I slowly emerged from the building holding my $20 cash when suddenly the long-awaited sound of my phone ringing awoke me out of my daydreams. 'Oh my GOD!!' I rushed to the car, sat down trying to catch my breath, 'Hello? Emily?'
'Yes, this is her.' I replied slowly.
'Hi, it's Stu here from Eskimo Joe.' My breath was gone; my heart was about to burst out of my chest.
'Oh hi!' I managed to say reasonably coolly.
'We've been stuck in post footy grand final traffic.' He informed me.
'Oh ok then.' I replied with a giggle.
We arranged a place to meet and the conversation was over. I was shaking. Oh my god! I'm meeting Eskimo Joe!
I met up with my friends and we slowly made our way over to the venue. The line up was HUGE. 2000 people all standing in a line waiting to get in. Must find friends. Luckily enough I found one right up the front and was about the twentieth person in. Twentieth compared to two thousandth is pretty darn good.
I made my way in losing everyone and head straight for the front of the stage. Luckily I got a gate position just a bit to the side of Kav.
Then was the frantic search to find someone else I knew again to accompany me in my screaming efforts to support the Joe. Finally, my search ended and a couple of my friends ran up and we all started yelling at each other at once due to excitement.
Our excitement was obviously visible to a lot of other people other than ourselves as we got a picture of us taken for the local newspaper, accompanying the caption, "PARTY HARD: Jessica Davies, Tracey Sippel and Emily Blackburn get into the groove at The Living End concert."
The minutes slowly ticked by and a glimpse of Kav was seen as he quickly popped around the curtain. "KAV!!" I screamed, unsuccessfully, as he just turned around and went back to behind the stage.
Finally the time had come, the lights dimmed and The Joe took the stage. We screamed as much as we could scream. We converted into green monsters as much as we could envy. Our hearts jumped as much as we could be excited. The time was finally here; I got to see the Joe live.
The started with the familiar tunes of 14Hz off their debut EP, 'Sweater'. They then went on to play many favourites, such as "a song about knitwear", 'Sweater', 'SMO', 'Turn Up Your Stereo', 'Back to School' (Half Price Backpacks), 'Ruby Wednesday' and a whole load more.
The songs were short, the jokes and jaunts in between were funny and the night was spectacular, yet, it had only just begun.
They left the stage by jumping up on speakers, drum kits and anything else they could find to leave the crowd with truly memorable and awesome recollections in their heads.
It was edging towards 8:30, the time that I was supposed to be meeting up with the guys.
I did a lot of wandering around trying to waste time in the half-hour between their set and the meeting, but eventually the time finally came. I saw Kav walk past.
"Kav!" I yelled out to him. He looked around and saw me.
"Just a minute, I just have to go and get a pen!" He said rushing along.
"Just a sec!" I quickly yelled after him. He stopped.
"Hi, I'm Emily, I do your web page."
"Oh hi!" He said in recognition, "Stu and Joel are over there, I'll be there in a minute!" I looked around, and sure enough there they were! I wandered over and introduced myself.
I got many unexpected thank you's and praises from the guys, when really, shouldn't it have been me thanking them?
They were really accommodating and extremely nice guys that all managed to get some time out of their busy autographing to allow me to take some photos of them. They were radically kind and humane people, who I thank very much!
Finally, the guys left to go back and relax in their hotel room leaving me standing in awe of the wonderful night just passing me by, and this had all happened before The Living End had even come on.
They were up next, and these guys always manage to put on a good show, especially with their hit songs 'Prisoner of Society' and 'Second Solution' which always get the crowd aroused! But, in my opinion Eskimo Joe were by far the outstanding performers of the night, and I can't WAIT to see them again!

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