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This is the place where all the little troopers that made their way to Homebake on December 11th 1999, or November 28th 1999, who are just BUSTING with stories about it all can get it out!! We want you to share with us your Homebake experience!!!
Send in your experiences to me at!

ps- any pictures, etc. are welcome ;)

I've finally got a Homebake review in! Here it is:

My homebake experience...things went fine untill, believe it or not...eskimo joe. I just happened to be squished around a whole heap, hit by about, no kidding, 10 crowd surfers(in da head) in the space of about one song, and then to cap it off, was pushed over in the mosh. Having lost my friend, i promptly had to leave and re-group. Staying behing the crowd proved to be even worse, as we soon found out when some drunk guy started hitting on's we ran away as soon as his friend(stoned to his eyballs) came over and they were trying to work out who owned which beer.....
What else? Frenzal Rhomb kicked arse, although when they pushed us against the gate it kinda hurt...during Grinspoon, whilst i was happily standing up the back minding my own business, some dude ran past and puched me over....
:((( and to top it off, i missed the end of the chair cause of my dumbarse bus(not before being felt up bu the guy that helped me out of the crowd, and numerous other passers by)
.................seeya there next year

Thank you Lucy!