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My Grand Pa gave me a hand me down
When I put it on I looked like a clown
All the kids'd beat me up at school
Made me itch 'cause it was made of wool
Leather bound buttons in a monkey shit brown
Everywhere I go people putting me down
When I go and do the little bottom buttons up
Makes me look like I got a big beer gut

I could never, wear that sweater!
I could never! Wear that sweater!

Come'n home late on an afternoon
My lip was all bloody and my forehead all bruised
Singing all the blues like a hooty led better
All because of that shitty brown sweater
Shitty brown sweater causing too much pain
Hung it in the closet never wear it again
No disrespect to my Grand Pa
But this sweater incident has gone to far


Late last June I was buying some slacks
At my favourite OP shop named Aunty Jacks
To them back to my abode
Had a good look through my big wardrobe
Then I spyed that certain sweater
But somehow it looked so much better
When I put it on no turning back
Even looked good with my new brown slacks