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Behind the Scenes!!

It was a slow morning in the VIP tent... People scattered around, with the majority of the crowd most probably still at home in bed suffering from hangovers, smart enough to know to stay there, unlike the punters already there braving the day.
But, as the day grew on and the crowd got bigger there was many a star to spot and many a story to be found!
One of the stars that was found early in the morning was a very big one, one that I would have least expected to show their face, especially BEFORE noon!!
This star was of course the one and only Ben Gillies from silverchair, as you can see below. This was definately one of the highlights of the day!

But, as they day wore on the celebrities were more and more. I unfortunately didn't get anymore happy snaps of any of them, but you think of a band that was there and I saw them.
I even got lucky enough to see some bands that WEREN'T playing there. Such as Loki, I was sitting next to one of their members for ages before realising who it was!! And Army of Prawns was another band that attended that wasn't on the bill, the lead singer of the band being Daniel Johns'(silverchair) brother. I had a chat to him for a while, and went on my way to find some more people to bore!
My next victims were all our fave little Eskimo's! And, unfortunately for them, I knew them before Homebake, so I felt obliged to hang off them for most of the day, to my joy and their woe. But, even through all their stress they managed to be really awesome sports! Providing great company and hospitality.
Unfortunatly I didn't get a chance to catch up with all 3 of the boys at the one time, so I wasn't able to take any group photos... But, I did get piccys of them all, and as the days go on each picture will be put up, one-by-one.
The first photo is a great one! With many thanks going out to a sick Joel who through all his troubles still managed to pose for a few photos for me!